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Brosix 3.9 release

brosix 3.9
New Brosix 3.9 Version We continue to service our valued customers, offering consistent improvements to Brosix from the regular and useful feedback we receive. We use direct customer feedback to evaluate and implement into new Brosix features. We discovered a few opportunities for slight changes, which will improve the...

Different Ways to Use Online Video Chat

There used to be a time when video chat was nothing more than a dream for most people. And then something happened: this technology began to take off in popularity. In today’s day and age, more and more companies are using video chat for a variety of reasons. While...

Learn How to Improve Productivity Today

Learn How to Improve Productivity Today
With the ever-increasing inundation of gadgets in our lives, the urge to multitask at work, and the temptation to get sucked into Social Media platforms like Facebook, it’s easy to lose track of time throughout your day. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity in your daily routine or improve...
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