Why your Boss will Love Instant Messaging

Why your Boss will Love Instant Messaging

September 21, 2016   Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is becoming a way of life for many employees within many industries

And believe it or not, the higher-ups in these companies are benefiting from instant messaging as well.

Below are three reasons why your boss will love using an instant messaging application as often as possible

He can keep tabs on employees without ever leaving his desk.

Imagine a boss who has to oversee 20 employees (or more). Not only can it be difficult to stay in touch with each one, but it can also be tough on employees from a communication point of view. Fortunately, with instant messaging, everybody is available to talk most of the time.

Speaking of communication, instant messaging increases the amount of time in which employees are available to talk.

Instead of your boss taking a long walk to meet you in your office he can send a quick message, and be conversing with you in real time soon enough. Additionally, he doesn’t have to get “too deep” into conversation by making a phone call.

Simply put, every boss is interested in increasing efficiency.

And with an instant messaging application this is exactly what will happen. When you rely on instant messaging you don’t waste time walking from one office or cubicle to the next. To go along with this, it is easier to toggle between several conversations when using IM. This means a boss can speak with more than one employee simultaneously. Does it get any better than that?

Now, do you see why so many companies are turning to instant messaging tools? Bosses love this mode of communication, and it will only continue to increase in popularity over the next few years.