How Brosix Will Help an Aging Workforce

How Brosix Will Help an Aging Workforce

September 21, 2016   Instant Messaging

As your employees get older if you want to retain them you will have to be more flexible in your working arrangements

One of the easiest ways to both accommodate your older staff is desire for freedom, and to cut your costs at the same time is to let them telecommute.

In the post, we have covered how the Brosix can be good for telecommuters in general, but today we are going to look at how it is good for older workers specifically.

  • There is only one new program to learn which will reduce confusion and time waste.
  • Brosix can be installed on almost any Windows-based PC with full features and no speed upgrades required.
  • Brosix allows for face to face communication which older employees value.

Remember that a business IM client is not only for the young, it can improve employees of all ages