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How to communicate like a successful person

February 16, 2017   Instant Messaging

When we hear the term ‘a successful individual’ the majority of us label this word combination with different traits. For example, some of us would assume that the successful person has a lot of money; others would say that they have gained a great amount of popularity and have stand the test of time, etc.

As I sometimes say, people are all different and that is fine.

However, if we at any time decide to understand what all successful individuals have in common that would be that they are communicative. They have found a way to reach people, to express themselves and to listen and discuss important topics. So, what hinders you from being one such person?

Let us discuss some situations when being successful is not an easy task and some potential ways to overcome them.

You are the New Employee

The stress that many of us experience when being a new to the company we work for is high. We do not know the majority of our new colleagues and we do not know how to address them if we happen to have a question on the company policy or a project.

Solution: Do not fear to go and meet your new Team. They have been on your place and they would love to get to know you better, too. If you have a question or a problem, do not hesitate to contact your Manager on your communication platform if you believe that they are busy. They will appreciate your interest.

You have been promoted

For the majority of the people, promotion may sound great having in mind the positive influence that it would have on your personality and CV. However, despite the fact that you have fought hard to get it, the burden on

your shoulders rises and you feel frightened. Managers and Directory of the company would address a lot of responsibilities and new task to you as they respect your knowledge and competence on company’s matters.


Forget your fears and spend more time on your projects. Make sure you understand them and if you need help, go and ask for it. Nobody’s born perfect so are you. Take action and participate voluntarily in tasks to prove and boost your productivity.

Prepare a presentation

Having in mind how stressing is for some people to speak in front of an audience especially if it is containing colleagues and Managers, no wonder is that this is point is mentioned as hinder to being a successful person.


Objecting to your fears is important. First, make sure to finish with the presentation on time so that you can review it as a critic to see the drawbacks if any. Check for punctuation or grammatical mistakes and then read it out loud to yourself. Read it one more time imagining that all your colleagues are there and you are trying to explain them he idea of your presentation and what positive effect it would have on their work or the business. Send your presentation to the closest of your colleagues to see they think of it.

Believe it or not, being a successful thing is something that we can all achieve within less than a week. We need to make sure that we have been communicating at our work place, to ask for help or advice and be always ready to improve professionally.

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