Building Relationships Through IM

February 16, 2017   Katya Sotirova   General

Any Time Communication Tool

We have talked about the importance of staying on track when using Instant Messenger, but we believe that IM can still be an effective workplace tool while still providing a way to get to know co-workers better on a personal level.

Let Brosix IM be a safe way to let your coworkers get to know each other. You will have a less stressful environment and more productive workforce.

Whether you’re commuting or at home, at the office or at the gym, an Instant Messenger is the tool that keeps you connected with business activities. You can use Instant Messaging as a collaborative tool and have IM conferencing which would tantamount to virtual business meetings. Such collaborative conferencing would lead to faster business decisions and reduced costs. This would increase the overall enterprise decision making, and increase profitability.

Features for collaboration

Modern and encrypted Instant Messengers provide features such as unlimited size file transfer and screen sharing. You can scan a document from your Smartphone and send it over an encrypted connection of your IM client.

Employees can have virtual meetings by sharing screens on their PCs, Tablets or Smartphone’s. Furthermore, you can do brainstorming sessions with features such as whiteboards in dedicated chat rooms.  You can deploy Enterprise IM clients for your entire staff in office and remote based. IT professionals in your organization can have complete control over users and flexibility of the admin panel. The feature list of some Instant Messaging solutions is so comprehensive that it’s not just meant to send and receive messages but much more than that.

You can also deploy some Instant Messaging solutions on your customer service websites which would help you service your customers in real time and save on costs at the same time.

Instant Messaging: Fast, Secure and Simple.