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Business Group chat: What Makes it Secure?

November 7, 2017   Instant Messaging

When a business gets burned by a security leak for the first time, they almost always discover that an instant messaging program was used.

This can come in the form of passwords being conned out of an employee, a file with a virus sent through a file transfer, or important messages being intercepted by a third party.

Whatever the reason or circumstances, whether you are trying to patch the security hole before you get burned or you just went through your first bad experience, security is likely one of your top priorities.

Three major types of security are used in a modern business instant messenger. The first is control – who can chat with whom. The second is encryption – scrambling of data. The third is virus scanning – making sure files do not contain viruses.


It may sound difficult to control what your employees are doing, but it’s easier than it appears on the surface.

With Brosix this is easy, as you have full control over the people in your network. On top of this, you can monitor conversations to ensure that everyone is doing what they should (and not crossing the line).


Scrambling data is also known simply as encryption. This means that chats and files that might be intercepted look scrambled and are unusable.

Make sure your business instant messenger encrypts files that are sent from one user to another. Brosix includes this feature as so many clients share sensitive documents over their instant messaging network.

Virus scanning

Making sure a file does not contain a virus is called virus scanning. Just about any file can contain a virus in one form or another. This makes any kind of file sharing functionality a high risk.

The problem is that files with viruses can be received in other ways, such as email or carried in on a USB stick. Having virus scanning on your secure instant messenger adds one more layer of protection should someone knowingly or unknowingly attempt to spread a virus.


So, there you have it. With the help of a business instant messenger, it’s much easier to feel secure as you and others in your company communicate with one another, as well as outsiders.