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Collaboration Tools to Boost Your Success

collaborative tools
As today’s modern workplaces grow exponentially with clients and customers on opposite sides of the world, they begin to express the need for easier and more efficient ways to communicate virtually as well as the need for collaboration tools to help them do so. Building an online presence for...

Brosix Plans for 2014

Now that the holiday season is in the past and the new year started, it is time to reveal our plans for 2014. First of all I wanted to express my excitement about the past 2013 – Brosix doubled the customers it serves all around the world. We are...

New Servers

servers new
New Servers Upgrade We are upgrading our cloud infrastructure and we will change some servers that serve your Instant Messaging network. This upgrade will go smooth and does not require any action from you. If you use a corporate firewall or router you may need to add to the...
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