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Having a No IM Policy is Hurting Your Company

Having a No IM Policy is Hurting Your Company
Many companies have a flat policy against the use of instant messaging software on the job This policy has 3 different rationales behind it: IM’s are hard to secure and information could leak out. IM’s are a distraction to our employee’s. We can not control what is said in...

Learn The Lingo And Sound Like A Pro

Learn The Lingo And Sound Like A Pro
In today’s day and age, more companies than ever before are using instant messaging applications at work. By doing so, employees have the opportunity to communicate in a fast and efficient manner. While there are many benefits of using a chat site, there’s something to keep in mind: some...

Improve Communication Skills & Increase Results

improve Communication Skills
When it comes to workplace communication, some people are advanced while others wonder what they can do to improve. Fortunately, communication skills are something you can learn. Just because you have struggled in this area in the past does not mean you have to continue down this path in...

13 Simple Ways to Lower International Communication Costs

13 Simple Ways to Lower International Communication Costs
With the growth of communication technology and its ease of use, companies interested in tapping into international markets can expand globally at far less cost than previous generations. There’s no doubt that businesses are looking to set up foreign offices, hold overseas meetings with clients or suppliers, or hire remote...

Risks of Using Non-Secure Chat Websites

Unsecure chat software
In today’s day and age, technology is changing the way people communicate in a professional setting. In the past, phone calls and face to face meetings were all the rage. However, this has all changed as of late. Now, chat software has moved to the forefront. With so many...

Host An Online Team Meeting With Ease

successful online meetings
Video conferences have been a pillar of business life for years. While historically saved for executive conference rooms of many large organizations or special events, the rapid growth of technology and its accessibility has made the benefits of hosting a free online meeting available to every business, at any...

Different Ways to Use Video Chatting

There used to be a time when video chat was nothing more than a dream for most people. And then something happened: this technology began to take off in popularity. In today’s day and age, more and more companies are using video chat for a variety of reasons. While...

Learn How to Improve Your Work Productivity

Learn How to Improve Productivity Today
With the ever-increasing inundation of gadgets in our lives, the urge to multitask at work, and the temptation to get sucked into Social Media platforms like Facebook, it’s easy to lose track of time throughout your day. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity in your daily routine or improve...
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