Combining Social Media and Instant Messaging

Combining Social Media and Instant Messaging For Effective Customer Service

October 24, 2016   Instant Messaging

Social media and instant messaging have one major thing in common

They are both used to communicate with friends, customers, and loved ones online.

While there are some major differences to the two, combining instant messaging and social media in your customer service strategy can help you provide superior customer care and troubleshooting help to customers, however, they decide to contact you.

There are several scenarios where social media and IM are easily combined. For instance, let’s say a customer complains about a DVD player that isn’t working on the company’s Facebook page. The Facebook moderator for the company can contact the customer and refer them to an instant messaging specialist, who will be able to speak with the customer in real time to solve their problem.

Many customers like communicating with brands online because they are able to multi-task while doing something else. This can give them the freedom to effectively solve two problems at once. They can figure out what is wrong with their DVD player (from the above example) while also answering emails from work colleagues about an issue with a project deadline.
Social media and instant messaging are just two examples of online communication platforms that can be used together effectively to solve problems.