Conducting Video Interviews over Instant Messengers

October 3, 2016   Instant Messaging

Human resource departments in companies today conduct a lot of interviews on daily basis to match the right candidate with the right profile.

Interview costs can be high for companies if they are looking to test candidates from far away states because it can include paying for air fares and accommodation.  With the increase in broadband speeds and technological advances in Instant Messengers, companies are now using Video calls to conduct long-distance or even international interviews at least for the initial round.

Video Interviews can really help companies save on transportation costs and setting up interviews is much quicker.

With companies looking to hire global talent, video interviews are the way to go forward for initial screening. It’s even convenient for the candidates to interview from their home or office without having to travel long distances. Video interview can also be less stressful than in person interviews if the candidate is well prepared.

It’s important for Companies to use the right Instant Messenger for conducting interviews.

Brosix with its comprehensive features can be a good choice for organizations looking to conduct video interviews. It’s essential for employers and employees to select a quiet place to do the interview because the microphone would pick up even the faintest of sounds. Common tips like dressing well, being active, confident and well prepared still hold true for video interviews.