Email vs. Instant Messenger – Really a fair fight?

Email vs. Instant Messenger – Really a fair fight?

December 16, 2016   Instant Messaging

Need a quick test to see if instant messaging service is faster than email messages?

  1. Email a friend or teammate a file.
  2. Open your instant messenger
  3. Send an instant message to the same person asking them if they’ve received the file.
  4. When they haven’t, send them the file through the file-sharing tool

Hands down this little test works 99% of the time. The fact is that email is good for somethings, but instant messaging is better for most.

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When you need email

Email is great for three things:

  1. Corresponding with customers or team members when an immediate response is not needed,
  2. Keeping a running documentary on conversations for record-keeping purposes,
  3. Sending several files all at once, size will be limited of course.

In these areas, the instant messaging application is not as effective as email, because it requires instant reaction. Although any instant messenger can still do all of these tasks.

When you need an instant messenger

Here’s where an instant messenger will excel:

  1. When you need a quick response, right at the moment
  2. When you want to instantly send files or information. Brosix offers P2P technology file transfer, which not requires upload and download at cloud storage
  3. When you need help on the fly, discussion on a hot topic, instant reaction

The point that should be obvious is that email cannot keep up with instant messaging when you look at raw speed. With few exceptions, instant messaging gets the job done faster, which translates to greater efficiency and productivity. Teams may need both communication channels for different occasions, depending on urgency and type of required communication.

I think we have a clear winner!