Instant Messenger will Revolutionize Your Business

Instant Messenger will Revolutionize Your Business

February 13, 2017   Instant Messaging

Small and large businesses alike have been using an instant messenger as a powerful business tool

Many have not yet jumped on board. Why is that? Many answers are given:

  • security;
  • employees chat with family and friends all day;
  • employees just gossip about office matters instead of work.

All of these are great reasons to be hesitant, but no longer a reason to hold out.

Top Reason for no instant messenger:  Security and Privacy in internal communication

Enter Brosix. This is an enterprise instant messenger: your company has control of who can chat with whom. Employees cannot send or receive possible viruses from anybody on the outside of the company. The most common form of attack through an instant messenger is to send document files that contain a virus. The next most common is for somebody to pose as a fellow employee and ask for sensitive information. Both issues are eliminated with an enterprise instant messenger. Brosix scans all transfered data for viruses, using the user antivirus software. Brosix can also allow unlimited size file transfer, between users, which is more save than using a cloud storage.

Next most common reason for no instant messenger: Chatting with friends and family

When employees are distracted by family and friends, this becomes a serious productivity killer. This is a common problem when companies reach for a generic instant messenger like AOL or MSN. Anybody can chat with your employees! This creates the above mentioned security threat as well as the potential for wasted time. Once again, an enterprise instant messenger like Brosix offers the solution. Since only employees can chat with employees, you don’t have to worry about productivity plummeting.

Brosix can’t help with office gossip, unfortunately. For that problem you are on own. But the big issues of security and chatting with family and friends is easily resolved with Brosix.