The Relevance of Instant Messenger

The Relevance of Instant Messenger

September 30, 2016   Instant Messaging

One example of the compelling nature of instant messenger is how long it has remained popular in the computing/Internet world. The only other computerized messaging technique that has shown such an enduring popularity is e-mail, which is now deeply ingrained in virtually every corporate culture. Yet IM remains something of a taboo at times.

Yet a look at Twitter shows just how many people are talking about instant messaging at all times

Here is a Twitter search for “instant messaging“. It has quickly become one of the corner stones of any one’s online presence and that “any one” includes your clients! So why not offer them a way to reach out to you immediately? Sure, they could email you but I think I can speak for most people when I bemoan email after email clogging up my inbox. Some people only clean out their in boxes every now and then. And why get sidetracked by the phone? The ease and simplicity of IM allow you to focus on a task at hand while responding to a client’s question or concern in an instant.

Of course… we understand that you have concerns about direct interaction. Scroll down through the blog and you will see that we realize that IM can be less than secure, a time waster, etc. Fortunately, we have the answer for all of that!


That answer should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog!