Softphone solution with chat messaging features

Softphone solution with chat messaging features

November 9, 2016   Instant Messaging

Looking for a softphone solution?

If you are trying to decrease the cost for telephone costs, the softphone is a great way to decrease bills with transfer your calls over the Internet. The softphone is a software program, which allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet without having dedicated hardware. The softphone application can be installed on every device without actual telephone set.

Softphone serves the needs of bigger organizations – call centers, custom solution centers, customer care departments, where telephone calls are daily communication channel with high usage frequency.

Brosix offers a personalized softphone solution with instant messaging features. Brosix softphone solution enables users to communicate in more convenient way – phone calls over the Internet, for low-cost telephony, Video, Audio and Text chat, interactive exchange of unlimited size files and images; Remote PC control, Private networking with control over chat participants and features.

Everything  – in a single application package

You can reach all your contacts in different communication channels with one single application. You can select the right feature for the right contact – telephone call, voice, video or text chat. You can browse the Internet together or work together using the screen sharing option. Send unlimited size files, using peer -to-peer technology transfer or just leave an offline message for later review.

Brosix is a secure software. Brosix encrypts the whole communication flow and keeps your privacy. Brosix is compatible with multiple platforms and enables you to call and chat without being limited to office environment.

If you are looking for a business communication tool, without installing different applications, you can choose Brosix and increase your company productivity –  Register for free trial.

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