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Tips On How To Communicate More Effectively Over Instant Messaging

December 12, 2016   Katya Sotirova   General

International communications have been made faster, more convenient with the available tools today

Instant Messengers such as Brosix have allowed teams to communicate with each other faster than email, and less dragging or potentially awkward than a voice call.

However, as convenient as instant messaging is, there are weaknesses to the medium. Here are some suggestions on how to manage these communication weaknesses on Instant Messengers.

Err on the side of positivity, or, at the worst, neutrality

Since instant messaging is essentially text without the nuances and context of nonverbal such as tone, inflection, and accent, sometimes, miscommunication and misunderstanding can be a problem because one party reads too much into the statements of the other. But if you, as one of the parties communicating, practice the basic paradigm of assuming that the other’s statements are basically neutral or even positive, miscommunication and misunderstandings could be minimized.

Ask follow-up questions.

No two people think alike, and even the most in-tune of friends or workmates can have moments where their thinking or communication style would be so different from the other, that words can be taken out of context, statements can be misconstrued, and the risk of misunderstanding arises. So, if anything is unclear, always ask follow-up questions to clarify.

Document everything

Thanks to logs and chat histories, all conversations can be documented. Especially for discussions that are important to business operations, strategy, management decisions, and the like, ensure that the preferences for the Instant Messaging client are set to record the whole history of chats and group chats. This way, there will be a point of reference for later discussions, as well as a record of what points, ideas, and decisions were agreed upon. 

Instant messaging is great for international conferencing, or even meeting when the boss is traveling or one team member is on telecommute.
It’s also great for discussing things on the fly, without the need to compose one’s thoughts and ideas into one long, coherent email. Remember these tips in how to communicate with more clarity, and the medium will be leveraged to its most effective best.