Using Instant Messengers at Conferences or Events

Using Instant Messengers at Conferences or Events

October 17, 2016   Instant Messaging

Messengers at Conferences or Events

Tech conferences and events are an exciting thing for tech geeks and nerds. You can learn a ton of new things and it’s a great opportunity to network with new people. You’ll get a chance to get your hands on the coolest new devices and services in the industry and its one hell of a ride. The recently concluded SXSWi was a grand success as expected.

A lot of journalists, bloggers, and marketing professionals attend these events to network and learn about the new trends emerging in the marketplace. In such a scenario using instant messengers can be really helpful for staying connected with their colleagues back at the office. You could be a blogger or journalist covering a live event or launch of a new product. Your colleague at the office needs quick updates on what’s happening at the moment. This is where instant messengers can play a crucial role.

Additionally, you could report the latest happenings and news back to your colleague at the office. This could help him write an article or do a section for the live updates from the event. Even better you can send pictures from the event using your IM and share it on your blog article for your audience.

There are various other ways IMs can assist you at the events, such as having virtual meetings with your colleagues over a video call to discuss what things to cover next and deciding the strategy for the remainder of the event.