Whiteboards are Ideal for Training

Whiteboards are Ideal for Training

September 21, 2016   Instant Messaging

In these difficult times many companies are cutting back their training budgets as a way to cut back expenses

Unfortunately, that can come with some pretty unpleasant consequences. If you cut expensive 3rd party training then you could end up with:

Staff who feel that you are not looking out for their best interests

A staff that is less then up to speed on current technologies and best practices which can lead to inefficiencies.
Poor staff morale.
So, how do you solve this problem without adding on new costs?

Simple, you use your corporate IM client, that is if your corporate Im client is Brosix

You can use the Whiteboard feature (whiteboard messaging) to have collaborative events where one staff member can educate others. A roundtable of your best minds teaching all of your staff, think of the benefits to your staff!