business IM is hot again

Why Business Instant Messaging Is Hot Again

March 30, 2018   Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is nothing new in the IT world, but whereas much of the focus has been on personal chat, Business Instant Messaging (IM), also known as corporate or enterprise IM, is somewhat of a newcomer on the scene. This type of IM focuses on providing businesses with private team communication solutions for internal use, as opposed to public personal IM programs. From its founding, Brosix has specialized in exactly this type of communication.

As with any trend, there are concrete reasons behind the increased interest connected to the multiple benefits that Business IM can bring to the workplace, and predictions for its continued growth and development in the future. These reasons are insightful for both current Business IM users and potential future customers, as they highlight what makes these types of platforms so unique.

The Benefits of Business IM

Business IM bring with them a wide range of benefits, certainly too many to list in one blog post. However, the majority of these benefits can be grouped in two main areas: better accountability and administration, and increased productivity and collaboration. These areas are crucial for any business, from startups just setting out to well established large firms, which is one of the reasons that more and more businesses are recognizing the role Business IM can play in their growth.

Accountability and Administration

One of the main differences between personal and Business IM lies in the ability for administrators to control the environment and track interactions for the sake of accountability. Relying only on public personal IM networks means that employees have the freedom to communicate with both personal and business contacts, which can quickly lead to distractions. Brosix, for example, allows network administrators to group users in different ways (for example, by department), as well as control who can communicate with whom through their contact list. These administrative features give businesses more flexibility to create a productive communication environment.

With personal IM it’s also difficult to track users’ communication, which can present a challenge to accountability. The inability to refer back to communication in order to determine what was said to whom and when can lead to difficulty in resolving misunderstandings or other communication challenges. Again, Brosix is a great example of a Business IM program which provides a solution to this challenge through the chat history archive feature which saves communication for future reference.

Productivity and Collaboration

Business IM can bring a big boost to team collaboration by empowering teams with the types of tools that they need to better communicate and stay connected. Ease of communication is a key to better team collaboration, but can be difficult to achieve without the right platform. This is especially true when working with remote employees, as more and more businesses are doing. The ability to create a collaborative virtual environment is key to sparking greater levels of teamwork and communication.

Collaboration isn’t a goal in and of itself, but rather is an instrument to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. More and more businesses are realizing that their productivity largely lies in how well teams are collaborating. Businesses that empower teams with the right tools for collaboration (tools found in Business IM programs such as Brosix) will see boosts to how teams grapple with complex problem and how quickly they work on group endeavors, both crucial elements of productivity. The potential in this area is huge, as Business IM continues to advance through new and innovative collaboration features.

The Future of Business IM

Some tech giants are preparing for a future when more and more workflows pas through Business IM. There’s a certain logic to this trend, as Business IM already plays a central role in channeling different employee communication channels into one system, with accompanying boosts to productivity. As a wider range of processes become streamlined in Business IM systems, this type of communication will become an even more indispensable part of the modern workplace. Businesses looking to improve efficiency in the workplace would be well advised to closely follow these developments in Business IM, as it is certainly ‘heating up’ as an industry.

Given that Business IM is forecast to continue its upward growth trend, and companies such as Brosix are actively looking to add and improve features to their products, it’s a perfect moment for businesses to begin using this technology. By getting into the trend now, businesses can not only take advantage of the many benefits that Business IM provides, but can also be part of the exciting developments that are bound to continue. It’s always better to be an early adapter than a late comer.

In Conclusion

Business IM is on the rise, and for good reason. Recent investments in this sector, and innovations driven by businesses such as Brosix, are pushing this field of communication forward. There is still much untapped potential in this type of workplace communication, potential which will be unleashed in the coming years. There’s never been a better time for businesses to make the investment in Business IM.