Web Control Panel

Manage and customize your network with ease!

A feature available only with Brosix Enterprise Chat System

The strength of your IM Network is only as good as your ability to manage and adapt it to your specific needs. The Web Control Panel puts all of the control and administration features on Brosix Enterprise in one easily accessible place. From the panel, network administrators are able to access all enterprise features, add/remove users, create specific rules around communication features, and much more!

web control panel

Multi-functionality in one place

The Web Control Panel is organized in four main sections- settings, users, downloads and licenses. Each of these sections provide you with different functionality to help you more effectively manage your IM Network and create a customized IM Network experience for your users:

  • Settings – allows you to configure your network settings by adjusting user privileges and functionality
  • Users – allows you to manage your network users by creating and grouping user accounts, managing user contact lists, and controlling the features available to users
  • Downloads – provides you a dedicated download site with the option for active directory integration, and options for integrating Brosix into your website or Corporate Environment
  • Licenses – allows you to monitor and order user licenses for your user accounts

Network Health, Maintenance and Support

Through the Web Control Panel you can easily access a snapshot of the health of your network based on the number of desktop servers, mobile servers and user licenses currently in use. You have the ability to track network usage and download statistics, in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your IM Network. And in case you run into any issues, access to Brosix’s Support Service is conveniently located in the Control Panel.

Gain the ability to manage, control and customize your IM network now!