Brosix Instant Messenger – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have gathered variety of questions and their answers for how Brosix works, how to use it’s particular features, how to manage your account or network, etc. The questions are separated in different sections in order to help you find easier what you need. Here is a list of all sections with brief descriptions of what you can find there.

List of Questions

General – general information about Brosix Instant Messaging.

Security – matters about the security (personal data protection, encryption etc).

Accounts – check how to manage your account details (personal data, contact list) and how Brosix treats that information.

Features – selected questions for Brosix features (Whiteboard, Co-Browse, File Transfer etc).

Networks – questions about how to manage a private network and your participation in such.

Servers – questions about Brosix servers.

Corporate Setup – how to install Brosix in a corporate environment.