Data transfer features

Brosix Unlimited Data Transfer Features


Unlimited file size transfer

Much faster than sending through email!

Fast and secure Peer-to-peer Unlimited size File Transfer Technology!

You can transfer a file or a group of files to your contacts. Brosix File Transfer automatically compresses all files on the fly. Brosix also opens direct channels between the users that exchange files. This makes the file exchange extremely fast and reduces the required bandwidth.

A strong encryption is applied to all file transfers. You are sure your confidential files will not be captured and used by unauthorized people while you are sending them.

Sending files

Brosix provides you with several ways of sending files that make it extremely convenient:file transfer

  • Drag-and-drop the selected files right into the Brosix main window into the contact list.
  • Drag-and-drop the selected files right into the text chat window.
  • Select a name from your contact list and click on the “File Transfer” button on the right.
  • Click on “File Transfer” button from the text chat window during a chat session with one of your contacts.
  • Drag-and-drop the selected files into an active voice or video call.



Once you start the file transfer, a file-sending dialogue box will appear. There you can see the transfer status, cancel the transfer, or select the “Close when download completes” option (to close the window automatically).

Receiving files

When someone sends you a file, Brosix will notify you immediately. The file receiving is also a very simple procedure – just follow the prompts.

BROSIX file transfer is unlimited

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Co-Browsing Solutions

Show me what you see!

You and your party can browse web sites together by sharing the same view of the screen. No more links or URL exchange is needed.

Have you ever tried to explain to your friends, colleagues, or clients which web site you are browsing or which link to click on so that they can see what you are looking at?

With the Co-Browse feature (collaborative web browser) you can do it much easier.

Starting a Co-Browse session

    • Select a name from your contact list.
    • Click on the “Co-Browse” icon on the right side: Co-Browse


  • Type the URL address in the address field.


Once you start the session, the same window will appear on the screen of your party and you will be able to browse the web together.



Instant Screenshot Sharing


Send me a screenshot fast!

Sometimes during the work process, we need to share our screen with some of our colleagues. Sending a screenshot is a very useful method for information exchange. It is faster than typing a text or providing a link and Brosix has the easiest way to capture an image from your screen and send it in a few seconds to another user.

There are some old and slow methods that still work. For example:

  1. Press “Print Screen” key of your keyboardsend screenshot
  2. Paste the captured image in Paint (or other image editing program)
  3. Save the image
  4. Locate the image is on your hard drive
  5. Send the image to a friend/colleague (you need a messenger or mail)


With Brosix you can send the screenshot in just two steps:

  1. Select a name from your online contact list or open a chat window
  2. Click on the “Screenshot” button on the right of your contact list Screenshot button

That’s it – simple, easy and fast.

If you want to include all Brosix windows in the screenshot you send, hold CTRL when you click the “Screenshot” button.


Here is how you send a screenshot from a Mac computer




Screen Sharing Software

Have you ever tried to explain to a customer or a colleague how to configure their computer or how to use a software application? Sometimes, it is easier to show than to explain. Or sometimes it is even better to do it yourself on his/her computer by using your own. Sometimes it is easier to show than to explain!


Brosix Screen Sharing software allows extremely easily to share your screen with your colleague or friend or to request him to view his screen. There are four types of Brosix Screen-Sharing sessions:

  1. Send your screen to a contact
  2. Send your screen to a contact and allow him to work with your mouse and keyboard
  3. View your contact’s screen
  4. View your contact’s screen and work with his mouse and keyboard

The cases you would need such a tool are numerous. You may ask your IT department to help with your computer. Your IT department personnel could be a thousand miles away and they can assist you immediately. You may want to show your colleague the new software you use, browse sites together etc.etc.

The best two things about Brosix Screen-Sharing are:screenshare

  1. It is completely free – no limits on how frequently or how long you use it.
    You may use it once a day for 20 minutes or leave it running all the day.
  2. It is extremely easy to use – just a few clicks and the session starts


Starting a Screen-Sharing session in just three steps:

  1. Select a name from your contacts list.
  2. Click on “Desktop Sharing” icon on the right side: Screen-Shairng button
  3. Select the type of the session.

That’s it – simple, easy and fast.


This video shows how it works. A Windows computer gets remote access to a Mac computer.


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