Supplementary messaging

Brosix Security and Supplementary Messaging features

Multiple Platforms

Brosix is available for many platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android and Web.

Virus & Malware Checking Tool

Brosix will scan the received files for malware employing the anti-virus software installed on user’s computer. Brosix automatically recognizes and uses the anti-virus software installed on the PC.

The Anti-Virus Check is disabled by default and users can activate it from the Brosix menu – Settings – Plugins. Double click on the File Transfer plugin.

Real time monitoring for typos in the chat window spellcheck

The Spell Check feature of Brosix is built in the chat window and is monitoring for typos in real time while you chat. It is available in 12 different
languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Bulgarian.
To set up, open a chat window, click on the language menu on the right and choose the appropriate language.

Have a look at the screenshot for more details:

Automatic Update

Your Brosix application will be updated automatically every time a new version is released. You don’t need to go to the web site and check for new versions.

No credit card required. No up-front payments, no obligations.