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How Brosix helps bring teams to life

Optimize your work processes

Running your own internal team network will optimize your work processes and enhance security.

Increase team productivity

Brosix gives you all of the tools that you need to increase your team’s productivity in one easy to use platform.

Set-up in 60 seconds

Get your own Team Network up and running in 60 seconds, so that you can bring these benefits and more to your business!

An all-in-one, secure instant messenger

Reap the benefits of instant messaging with full control of your team network and encrypted communication channels.

  • Group and Private Chat

    Hold real time conversations with multiple members of your network, increasing your communication productivity.

  • Broadcast Message

    Send announcements to all contacts in your contact lists.

  • Screen-sharing and Remote Control

    Share your screen for quick visualization of your accomplishment and fast explanation. A perfect solution for remote work.

Brosix Chat Room Screen

Brosix Chat History Screen

  • Unlimited Size File Sharing

    Securely exchange sensitive files of unlimited size. The messaging application automatically compresses files and starts a P2P transfer.

  • Voice and Video Chat

    Voice chat and Video calls makes communication easier, faster and more personalized. Sometimes a quick call is all it takes!

  • Whiteboard

    Visualize ideas and graphic concepts during your conversations with Whiteboard, an interactive messaging feature.

  • Co-browsing

    Browse together with your co-workers, keep interactive discussions and parallel productivity every time you need to share browsing.

  • Chat History Archive

    Browse your chat history for easier information workflow organization. No need to track records of previous conversations.

  • Mobile App

    Brosix IM features available on its mobile apps allow you to communicate better on the go.

Brosix Whiteboard Drawing Screen


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