Increase Your Business Productivity – Upgrade to Brosix Enterprise Edition!

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Brosix Enterprise features – are designed to facilitate business users in their secure communication, management of network users, and personalized interactions.

With Brosix Enterprise subscription plans, network administrators can benefit from full personalized user limits and overall network security.


Brosix Enterprise plans are exclusively created to support secure corporate communication

with no limits in terms of controlling closed network participants.

Benefits of Using Brosix Enterprise Plans

Brosix Personal vs. Brosix Paid Plans


Personalization and Technical Support in Corporate Plans

  •  Private Messaging Network
Private networks for instant messaging ensure safe, encrypted internal communication. A closed chat network is the best way to have secure internal communication with using the full package of messaging features.
  •  Chat History Archive management
User activity monitoring is available to record user communication. Administrators can review chat history at a later stage, which helps network participants to stay focused on the projects.  

Enterprise Network Control

  • Features Control
Network administrators have full feature control over their local private groups.
  • Network Users Control
This security feature facilitates better network management. Administrators are capable of managing user actions and their activities.
ImportExport users

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Personalization and Premium Support

  • Technical Support
Brosix is supports at a premium technical level all enterprise plan users, who can also benefit from custom corporate logo feature, welcome module for group instant announcements, and web guest widget.
  • Welcome Module
The Welcome feature enables network administrators to send group announcements to all network members with a single click.
  • Custom Logo
Some companies require branded applications. Brosix Custom logo features makes for better visual recognition.


Sign up for a 30 day free trial and test Brosix enterprise features

Get your 30 day free trial of Brosix Enterprise and enjoy these amazing features:

  • Create your own closed team network
  • Share unlimited size data with applied encryption
  • Keep the shared work private in your network
  • All features activated
  • No credit card required
  • No long-term contracts – you can cancel any time
  • Features control, Contact lists management
  • Users activities log, Import/Export users
  • Interface personalization – Custom logo and Welcome module
  • Corporate install
  • Support during trial period

Available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android


Trusted by thousands of companies


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