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By creating your Instant Messaging network here, you will get all the benefits of using Brosix and at the same time can archive all your Brosix communication in your Smarsh account.
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Loved by thousands of companies

Benefits of using Brosix enterprise edition


Increased Productivity

Running your own team network is the best way to optimize the work process.

Multiple languages

Brosix speaks multiple languages to help multi-cultural teams work together.

Premium Support

In case you need help you can always rely on our fast and efficient technical support.

Encrypted Communication

Secure communication, high privacy, no advertisements.

Variety of features

Brosix is designed for business users to facilitate work activities and collaboration.

Full control over user accounts

The enterprise edition comes with full administrative control over user accounts.

Clients about Brosix Instant Messenger


Since switching to Brosix, our support costs down by 8% and our programming costs have also decreased by 5%


There was hardly any challenge in Brosix implementation. Brosix has certainly doubled our productivity!


You have built a great app which facilitates collaboration better than any other! Brosix is what Skype wishes it was!


We offer unified communication solutions to customers. Your product is the best in the IM/collaboration space due to security.


Brosix is an excellent corporate messaging program that we utilize as one of our primary methods of internal business daily communications.


I appreciate having my own private group, have full control over user settings, and restrict access to unauthorized users.


A special 30% discount for you

Pro Plan

Your price – $ 1.47 per user/m

Regular price – $ 2.10 per user/m

For teams that want to optimize their work process by using collaboration features

Ultimate Plan

Your price – $ 2.09 per user/m

Regular price – $ 2.99 per user/m

For companies and enterprises that want a whole feature-rich package.

Get your 30 day free trial of Brosix Enterprise and enjoy аll features activated:

  • Create your own closed team network with up to 1,000 user accounts
  • No credit card required
  • No long-term contracts – cancel any time
  • Features control, contact lists management
  • User activity log, Import/Export users
  • Custom logo and welcome module
  • Corporate install, support during trial period
Brosix is a chat application specially built for teams, groups, companies and corporations. Your employees will use a top notch chat application on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and Web. They will be able to send text messages, send files, start screen-sharing sessions for remote desktop access and support, and many more useful features. At the same time, you will have full control of their accounts. You can edit their contact lists, and enable/disable the features they can use. All their communication can be recorded on a server and is archived.
Go ahead and create your team network for free, and you will have Brosix for 30 days with all of the features. We know you’ll love it, that’s why we don’t ask for your credit card up front. After 30 days you’ll need to upgrade to a paying account to continue using your network.
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept payments with PayPal, bank transfer and local payments in 30+ countries.
Yes. Once you cancel your account, you’ll be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period, but you won’t be charged again.
No. You’ll be charged monthly and you can cancel any time. If you cancel, you’ll only be charged for the current billing period. You won’t be charged again after that.
You can pay yearly, and if you choose to pay yearly you will be eligible for a significant discount.
Your team’s privacy and security is our top priority. We’ve taken measures to ensure no one outside of your team can access your data.
Brosix encrypts all communication channels. Messages, files, voice and video calls – every channel is encrypted.

Available for multiple platforms:

Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android

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