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Awesome, thank you! By the way, the new contact grouping options you added really improved our work. Cheers and keep up the great work!


Thanks for the fast response! Our Client Services staff loves your product!


You have a very good product and we enjoy using Brosix.

Betty Yiu

Thank you for checking with me about Brosix. I’ve been using it for a while and so far, I’m very happy about it. It has some great features like screenshot and screen sharing. All the features are very easy to access and are working very smoothly. Probably, I will suggest if Brosix can add more markup features in the screenshot, that maybe helpful. I’ve also using the other like Skype. I think Brosix is so far the best communication app I’ve used.

Molly Burke

Everything is going great. Love Brosix. It is very effective during our busy days

Kristen CecereCecere Tax

I really love Brosix and feel it works really well for my business just as it is 🙂

Justin BrownHoward Drilling Company

I believe the service is great. No complaints here and no additions that I can think of.

Doreen GarciaRNO Consulting

Sorry for delayed response Honessty, you and your team mates at Brosix are doing such a great job and I love this service you provide to us and many others. So I’m gonna say No there really isn’t anything i can think of that needs to be done. Just keep on doing the amazing job you are doing.


Now Skype allows wiretapping of private communication after Microsoft bought it. I switched to Brosix because it combines the advantages of Skype, ICQ and Viber in one single client. I like that communication is highly secure. I know Brosix from our business partners from the Russian Federation who are already using it.


What I like about your software is all communication is completely encrypted at AES 256 bits. I like the ability of communicating by private networks. Public networks are designed for collecting data about their users, and are largely insecure. I do really enjoy the software, and it has really worked well for me. I have found nothing else that encrypts all communication like Brosix does.

Tracy M. TrawickSuperior Senior Care, Inc.

We are enjoying it immensely, simple to use, ton of features, and for me – among other things I am responsible for, I support of our users at our branch offices (18 offices, 60+ users) and the screen sharing feature is my go to tool. Makes it easy on my end users. Thanks for checking in on us, we give it an A+

Rebecca J. WilsonJackson Hewitt Tax Service

Yes the Brosix was amazing for us during our busy tax season when we have 40 people in 11 different offices.

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