Ewing Foley – Scott Lessing – Sales Operations Manager

Scott LessingSales Operations Manager, Ewing Foley

Our company has 20 inside sales people in 5 offices plus 40 outside sales, covering the US western seaboard. For maximum efficiency, our phone system allows call forward and transfer so customers service can be provided from any sales office or our more heavily staffed service center, but we have found inter office phone calls and call transferability is really a “blind” function. We needed an enterprise instant message application that would give our team “visibility” into the other offices with traditional features like Contact Lists and Active / Away.

Brosix however brings additional collaborative functionality like Co-browse, Screen Shot, and History of conversations that are very popular with our staff. I also appreciate the administrative portal, settings, tools and logs that help us manage the application. We view Brosix IM as importantly to our inter-employee communication as the phone systems or email.

Ewing Foley