Paul Wehle – Owner

Paul WehleOwner

The biggest benefit that we receive from Brosix is actually that it is an exclusive IM, thus there is only our team in there and we don’t get distracted from any outsiders.

You know, if you want to get work done you better switch off Skype and MSN but in Brosix you got the people who are supposed to help you being productive.

A compliment to the Brosix team: I am happy to see features being implemented that solve our actual problems. Last year I wrote you that we can not use Brosix voice and video features because there is no way to set which audio devices should be used (we use USB headsets).

We also don’t use video/audio much on skype because of the distractions that Skype brings but we still use it occasionally. With Brosix now offering the settings we need its just a question of time until we’ll switch to more voice and video which of course will really help our productivity.

Paul Wehle