Stefan Chekanov

Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Brosix Stefan was a founder and Managing Director of D-Bross, Inc., a software development company that creates Internet communication software and desktop applications. He worked as a software developer and project manager for many years and successfully brought to the market several products. Stefan has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Sofia. He loves to spend his free time traveling with his family.


Svetoslav Chekanov


Svetoslav participates in the core development of Brosix servers. Svetoslav is the best fan of Brosix. He is a CEO of D-Bross, Inc, a software development company that creates Internet communication software and desktop applications. He likes martial arts, European and Asian movies.


Gеоrgi Gоchеv

System Administrator

Gеоrgi has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer science. He is a system administrator at Brosix and he is responsible for managing the global server infrastructure. Georgi also takes part in customer’s technical support. He enjoys watching movies in his free time and likes to spend time with his family and travel.


Damyan Kostanev

Designer and Developer

Damyan has realized the idea of the new Brosix design. He also works as web developer. Damyan is responsible to support and add new features in our websites. He likes motorsport, computer and video games and go out with friends. He also enjoys go to beach and swimming.


Svetlomir Zhelev


Svetlomir is currently graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Plovdiv, where he has studied for four years. He mainly takes care of the Brosix websites and has interests in programming for mobile phones. He also enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, some computer games, and card games.


Nikolay Baklicharov

Main Developer of Brosix

Nikolay is the main developer of the Brosix application. He is working on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems concurrently to bring Brosix to as many desktop platforms as possible. Nikolay likes to relax a lot and spends the rest of his free time with friends.


Daniela Malakova

Office Manager

Daniela works as office manager at Brosix. She holds a Bachelor degree in Polygraphy and master degree in Accountancy and Control. She loves to travel and go out with friends.


Stoil Penev

Brosix Web Developer

Stoil holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv branch. He takes part in the development of Brosix websites. Stoil likes to spend his free time outdoors in nature with his mates, he likes football and especially Manchester United, computer games and gourmet.


Bozhidar Raykov

Brosix Developer

Bozhidar works as developer of the Brosix application. He enjoys programming, playing games, and learning new things in the IT world. Also likes swimming and taking a hike.


Elena Proshakova


Elena holds a Master’s degree in accounting and finance from a University in Moscow. In her free time she loves to travel and go fishing.


Vladimir Kukharenko

Russian Translator of Brosix

Vladimir localizes Brosix messenger and translats its web content into Russian. He’s been working in localization industry for 11 years already, embracing different roles, being a translator, editor, localization project manager in many projects. Participation in Brosix localization is an interesting experience for him.


Stoyan Kostadinov

Marketing Specialist

Stoyan is responsible for making popular and marketing Brosix’s products to private and business users. He oversees Brosix’s press-releases, newsletters, blog posts and social network activity. Stoyan holds an honors degree in Business Management from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. In his spare time Stoyan enjoys fitness and meeting with friends.


Maria Giovanna Polito

Italian Translator of Brosix

Maria Giovanna edited the Italian version of Brosix and of site. She holds a University Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Salerno and she works as freelance translator from English and French to Italian.


Chris Bibey

Writer/SEO Specialist

Chris Bibey is a freelance writer and SEO specialist with more than 7 years experience in both fields. At this time, Chris focuses his time on building the Brosix brand through content creation, increased search engine rankings, and an overall focus on marketing.


Jonathan Meyer

French Translator of Brosix

Jonathan has been collaborating with Brosix for the localization of the French version and the web site. Prior to Brosix, he worked in the UK as a localizator for a software development company specialized in engineering. He keeps a strong passion for localization and for music as well.


Kelsey Jones

SEO Writer and Social Media Specialist

Kelsey Jones has more than 3 years of full-time experience in SEO, Social Media, and Web Content Writing and over 6 years of experience in writing and marketing. Her main activities for Brosix include social media marketing, writing press releases, publishing blog posts.


Lisa Neumayr

German Translator of Brosix

Lisa is responsible for the translation of Brosix Messenger and related web content into German. She holds a master degree in Translation Studies from KFU-Universitat Graz. Lisa specializes in translations for IT / software / computers / Internet and games. In her free time she enjoys playing computer games, doing sports, reading crime novels and spending time with her two year old daughter.


Asen Manushev

Internet Marketing Specialist

Asen works in the field of online advertising. He deals with maintenance, preparations and development of advertising strategies and campaigns. Asen graduated a Master’s degree of Engineer Design, specialist Graphic Design in Technical University of Sofia. He loves to spend his free time traveling and jogging.


Luis Ferreira

Portuguese Translator of Brosix

Luís has a Degree in Journalism and a Degree in Modern Languages, having undertaking a traineeship at the University of Essex, where he taught Portuguese, and a traineeship at the European Commission, where he worked for the Directorate-General for Translation. Now he is back in the UK, where he is working as a freelance translator.


Iman Masjedi

Persian (Farsi) Translator of Brosix

Iman is responsible for the translation of Brosix Messenger into Persian (Farsi). He is an IT student and likes computer programming. He spends his spare time watching movies, reading IT books and swimming.