Cybersecurity is a growing concern. According to recent research, only 14% of small businesses feel that their cybersecurity protections are adequate. There are also growing concerns with data privacy, particularly in light of new data protection regulations around the world.

Brosix takes these issues seriously. That’s why from it’s very beginning security has been a top priority.
Brosix provides customers with a secure instant messaging tool that helps them to improve their cybersecurity. By using this product, customers can guarantee that their data is secure and never exposed to outside sources.

Brosix has customers located throughout the world, with a variety of security needs. These people use the service for marketing, sales, customer support, training, and much more. Some Brosix customers must meet intense regulations, such as HIPAA and SAS-70. By using Brosix, they’re able to meet all regulation requirements and secure their data.

Since day one, Brosix has ensured that its product meets the most advanced corporate cybersecurity requirements. Also, Brosix continues to devote a high level of resources to data security in regards to the design of its products, and the deployment and maintenance of its systems.

Brosix was founded on the belief that businesses need a completely secure internal communication environment. This belief has driven Brosix to develop a product with the highest level of data security, allowing its customers to communicate in total security.

Servers and Infrastructure

At Brosix we maintain a powerful network of secure IM servers to protect user data. These servers are distributed across multiple facilities that meet the highest security standards.

Note: Brosix never stores user data on its servers unless explicitly requested

Network administrators can track user activity with the Chat History Archive feature. When this feature is enabled, user data is then stored on a dedicated secure server. This option helps certain customers meet regulations in regards to storing employee communication.

All of our servers are regularly backed up to ensure that data is never lost. Furthermore, backups are sent to a minimum of two geo locations using a secure VPN connection. Brosix uses a distributed system. If for any reason a server fails, users are redirected to a different server in order to maintain secure communication.


Brosix has always been dedicated to providing a highly secure IM application that meets all security standards. A key part of this approach is Brosix’s secure server network. With this approach, our customers can communicate in real-time with efficiency and peace of mind.

Communication Channel

A key element of Brosix’s security strategy is secure communication channels. During communication, Brosix implements a three-tiered strategy to prevent data exposure.

  • Peer-to-Peer Connections – Brosix prioritizes peer-to-peer communication channels between users. If a direct connection is unable to be made, the communication passes through a tunnel server. In this way, data is encrypted by the sender, with the recipient decrypting upon receipt. Also, it’s important to note that tunnel servers never see, process or store the data.
  • Data Compression and Encryption – All Brosix communication channels undergo data compression and encryption using the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. This process guarantees that only an authorized user can interpret data sent via Brosix.
  • Website SSL Encryption – Brosix extends its high level of data encryption to its own webpages using the 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, an industry standard for protecting the transmission of sensitive data.

Brosix continues to provide a high quality enterprise IM experience, with a primary focus on security. This will remain our top priority in the future, as it gives customers the ability to securely communicate in real time.


Brosix customers are subject to a range of industry regulations regarding data processing and handling. Brosix allows these customers to easily meet regulations when applicable.

Since Brosix does not process financial information, we are not subject to SAS-70. Also, we do not process health information, so we are not subject to HIPAA.

Brosix provides customers with secure communication channels that allow for the efficient transfer of information. During the transmission, Brosix does not process, change, or manipulate the data in any way.

Any Brosix customer who is subject to HIPAA, HITECH, SAS-70, or SSAE 18 can easily meet these requirements.

Brosix is mindful of the incorporation of all necessary security features and standards in regards to its infrastructure and services. As has always been the case, data security will remain the highest priority at Brosix in the future.



Brosix guarantees that only approved users can log into team networks. It is not possible to log into a Brosix network without coordination between the software and servers through data exchange methods and proprietary protocols.

Brosix software allows all data on a team network to be transferred securely. The software creates a connection with a server as a means of authenticating the user and ensuring authenticity.

Brosix guarantees these features on every private IM network. Every user passes through authentication at log-in. Furthermore, all data passing through Brosix networks is encrypted, encoded and compressed. Brosix also takes the following steps to further guarantee security.

  • Application Security – Brosix client applications are verified with a signed certificate provided by COMODO. This verifies the publisher’s identity and demonstrates that no files have been changed by a third party.
  • End User Authenticity – All Brosix users are required to pass authentication. This process is conducted secure servers to ensure that users are who they say they are.
  • Network Administration – Brosix customers are free to designate one or multiple administrators. Network administrators are granted complete control over the creation and deletion of user accounts, blocking accounts, blocking communication between users, enabling/disabling features for specific (or all) users, and creating groups.
  • Brosix Staff – Any Brosix staff member with access to servers has been trained to understand the finer details of the technology, with an eye toward customer service and security.

Brosix was founded on the idea that IM communication should be 100 percent safe and secure. Data security has always been a top priority, and this will be the approach that guides Brosix in the future.

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