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Brosix is proud to support numerous remote teams by providing them secure private team networks. Below you’ll discover some of the main challenges remote teams face and how we’ve helped our clients overcome them.

Whether by choice or as a result of external factors, more teams are turning to remote work setups. This type of work arrangement provides many exciting opportunities, but also comes with a certain level of uncertainty. This means that remote teams are constantly looking for the most efficient way to keep their teams connected and productively collaborating.


Cybersecurity is another significant concern that remote teams face. As teams move off site, there are limited options for providing a secure communication environment. With an increasing amount of malware threats, cyberattacks and data breaches, remote teams are rightly worried about their own cybersecurity.

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Brosix connects teams spread between buildings, across town or across oceans.Read on to learn more about how Brosix can support your remote team.

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Remote work done right

Brosix provides you with a fully administrable private team network.

You have control over who enters the network, who communicates with whom, and which features users have access to. This allows you to adapt your private team network to fit your remote team’s specific needs, and guarantee that your team’s communication remains focused on work.

Example Case

– The Shaker Group “With some remote users, it was important to find a way to link them with the team in real time. Chat rooms are great – each team has a chat room where they communicate in real time all day, every hour.” Read The Full Case Study

All-in-one collaboration package

Whether you need to securely send a file, share your screen with a colleague, or have a quick video chat, Brosix has you covered.

A Brosix private team network gives your team the peer-to-peer features they need to collaborate remotely. Keeping team members connected and efficiently collaborating is essential for any remote team. Brosix can provide you with a fully administrable and secure communication network that you can adapt to the needs of your team.

Example Case

– Unetixs Vascular Inc. “Brosix helps us communicate and work with our outside reps and makes it feel like we are all in the office” Read The Full Case Study

Secure communication space

End-to-end encryption on all communication channels, networks hosted on secure servers and user authorization prior to joining your network are just a few of Brosix’s industry-leading security standards.

With Brosix you can provide your remote team with a completely secure communication environment. Give your team the peace of mind that comes with a private team network.

Example Case

– Roosevelt Investments “Brosix helps us with timely communication with teams of telecommuters and office employees.”

Read The Full Case Study

Choosing Brosix

Brosix can help your team more efficiently collaborate regardless of their location, more easily support customers, and keep your data safe. The multiple collaboration features combined in one user friendly package means that implementation in your team will be simple.

Let Brosix help you grow your IT business! Contact us now to discuss your own private team network!

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