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Brosix Desktop Client 4.5 Launched

Brosix for desktop 4.5
The Brosix Team has announced the launch of the 4.5 update for the Brosix desktop client. For Brosix customers’ convenience this update is immediately available for download, and will roll out as an automatic update on March 4th, 2020. This current update comes with several key feature improvements and...

8 Flock Alternatives for Your Team

Flock Alternatives
Enterprise communication and collaboration solutions – unlike free, consumer-grade chat apps – facilitate wider accountability, dynamic teamwork and secure, real-time communication. There are many reasons why enterprise messaging is hot! One of the hottest solutions is Flock. Born in 2014 in India, Flock is hugely popular there. Now Flock...

The 8 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

Productivity Apps
The smartphone has been both a curse and a blessing for productivity. Constant access to news, information, games, music, all your contacts, and the desire to “check in” can wreck your productivity faster than the next notification. Luckily, though, productivity hacks are trending in 2019 and there’s a host...