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New Brosix Desktop Client 4.2 Released

Brosix 4.2
The Brosix Team has announced that the Brosix Desktop Client 4.2 update will be launched on May 27th. This update follows up on the 4.1 Desktop Client update released in the Fall, and once again demonstrates the team’s commitment to continuously improving Brosix customers’ experience. This update offers several...

Cultivating a Remote Team for Your Organization

Cultivating a Remote Team
All indicators point to remote work growing stronger in 2019. If you’re a manager, though, the growing trend of remote work poses new challenges – like maintaining satisfaction and ensuring productivity. When you share an office space, for instance, gauging employee satisfaction and effectiveness is fairly straightforward. By interacting...

Your Complete Checklist for Choosing a Corporate Instant Messenger

Corporate IM Checklist
Effective communication is vital to a productive and secure corporate environment. Yet many corporations continue to use insecure chat applications, networks which don’t allow for governance and regulation, or platforms which don’t provide an effective collaboration solution. According to recent research, 27% of employees knowingly connect to insecure networks....