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  • Text Chat, Text Conference, Chat Rooms
  • Lightning fast File Transfer
  • Screen-sharing, Screenshot
  • Voice Chat, Video Chat, Whiteboard
  • Encryption of all communication channels
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Brosix Messenger Download for Mac

1. Save the Brosix.dmg file

When you use Safari, the file will automatically be saved in your default downloads folder. Mount the downloaded file and a window will appear on your screen, similar to the image here on the right. Drag the Brosix program into the Applications folder.

Mounted Brosix.dmg. Drag Brosix icon to Applications folder.

2. Install Brosix program

Brosix is already installed. Double click on the Applications icon to open Mac applications folder. You can drag and drop Brosix icon from Applications folder to another location of your choice so you can start it easier. For example, you can drag it to your desktop or to the dock.

Brosix in Applications folder.

3. Start the Brosix program

To start Brosix, double click on Brosix icon. Brosix application will appear on your screen, along with the icon in both the dock and the menu bar.

Brosix application on Mac screen, along with the icon in both the dock and the menu bar.

System Requirements

Brosix for Mac is available for Intel Mac computers (no PowerPC support) and requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.
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