Collaboration Within a Private Team Network

A Brosix private network helps your team collaborate more efficiently and protects your data.

With Brosix, you can create your own private team communication network. Creation and maintenance are quick and easy.
By having a private team network, you can be sure that only authorized users join your network and use the features that Brosix provides.

Text messages, file transfers and all other communication options are available only for authorized users within your team network. This is a convenient way to confine and focus your employees’ communication to only business purposes.

Brosix Private Team Network

Since all communication channels are fully encrypted, a private Brosix network will also protect your employees from different kinds of internet security threats and attacks. This is an efficient way to reduce your risk to cybersecurity threats, and keep your data protected.

With Brosix you get a fully functional Instant Messenger application which you can distribute to an unlimited number of users and include them as members of your team network.

Brosix networks are also fully administrable. Through the Web Control Panel you can fully control your team network. Set user-level permissions, track communications, enable/disable features per individual users, etc.

Users need to have a specific account in order to access a team network, making it completely private and secure.

Help your team collaborate securely and efficiently today!