Offline Messaging

Send Your Message to Offline Contacts

You’ve likely been there, needing to send someone a quick message but not being able to do so because they’re offline. Brosix messaging software solves this problem and ensures that your message is delivered even if the user is offline. If you send text messages to users who are currently offline, that user will receive the messages as soon as they log into Brosix.

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Securely Send Messages Regardless of User Status

With the Offline Messaging feature there’s no need to worry about privacy, since offline messages are subject to the same security level as normal online messages. They’re encrypted using an industry-leading end-to-end encryption algorithm guaranteeing that only the intended recipient can read them. Chat with the peace of mind that Brosix’s strict security standards provide!

Guaranteed Message Delivery

The Offline Messaging Feature gives you certainty that your message will be delivered, even if your chat is interrupted. If your connection drops, your messages will be waiting for their recipient as soon as they’re back online.

This is especially useful for situations when your friend, colleague or client are on an unstable internet connection, or need to step away from their computers at short notice. Text Chat with confidence even in the most uncertain situations!

No Setup Required

Offline Messaging is a fully integrated feature in the Brosix Application and requires no additional installation or set-up. Your messages will be automatically queued to deliver to your contact for up to 10 days, after which they will be automatically erased in order to free space.

Try out the Brosix IM features today!

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