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Providing the best possible services to customers is at the core of the financial sector, and communication is at the heart of this. Regardless of whether those customers are commercial or retail, financial businesses’ secure and efficient communication is crucial to delivering top quality products to clients.

Whether it’s Banks and Credit Unions, Investment Funds, Payroll Services or Accounting Services, the financial sector is dynamic and customer-focused, and needs a dynamic approach to team communication and collaboration.

Brosix is proud to work with businesses from across the financial sector by providing them with private internal communication networks. Read on to discover how Brosix can benefit your financial business, and how we have already helped improve many businesses’ internal communication already.

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Businesses in the Financial Sector face some specific communication challenges in fulfilling their customer-focused mission. First and foremost is data security. Given the sensitive nature of the services provided, financial businesses value data security above all else. It can be a challenge for businesses in a sector with such dynamic communication environments to keep their data secure.

As the old adage goes, “time is money,” and this is certainly true in the financial sector. In order to respond to customer inquiries, collaborate within a team, or simply send and receive important information, financial businesses must also have a communication network that allows them to communicate instantly. This network should be easy to set up and maintain, and ideally contain all of the necessary tools in an all-in-one package.


Quick, secure and efficient communication is key, and Brosix can help. By providing your business a secure internal communication
network, your sensitive data will be protected, and your employees will be able to easily collaborate.

Top Notch Security

With Brosix, your internal communication will be fully encrypted end-to-end, meaning you can rest assured that your communications and data will be well protected. Whether it’s unlimited size P2P file transfers or instant messages, it’s all secure on your Brosix network.

This is just part of our commitment to total security on our networks. We have helped many clients in the Financial Sector increase their cybersecurity through secure collaboration:

Example Case

“We wanted to enable secure collaboration, and Brosix fit our needs.”
Altfest Personal Wealth Management

Brosix helped the team at Altfest Personal Wealth Management to begin securely collaborating, thus keeping their sensitive data safe. The team can now instantly send and receive information in order to efficiently serve their clients, all over highly secure communication channels on their private team network.

Simple to Set-up, Easy to Maintain

If you rightly fear the amount of wasted time setting up and maintaining a team communication network, Brosix is the right choice. With Brosix, these processes are stress free and take minimal time. That way you can invest your most valuable resource, time, in more productive areas.

Brosix also offers a wide range of administrative features like user level feature controls, control over individual contact list, and custom user grouping. These features can help you customize your network to meet your team’s specific needs.

Example Case

“Brosix was the only instant messenger for business which offered both services – hosted and self-hosted. Brosix offers great service at a very affordable price! It was very easy to implement Brosix into our company.”
Southwestern Payroll Service

Brosix was the right choice for the team at Southwestern Payroll Service, and when implemented, felt like a natural fit. With Brosix, the team found a quick and efficient way to communicate, reducing the time needed to finish daily tasks. Setup and maintenance were a cinch, meaning the team didn’t waste valuable time.

Streamlined and Timely Communication

Whether it’s quickly reacting to market fluctuations, or following up on customer inquiries, quick internal communication is the key to keeping your business competitive. Brosix offers all of the features your team will need to quickly and efficiently collaborate- screen sharing and remote desktop, p2p file transfers, screenshots, voice and video chats, and much more.

Best of all, these all come in one all inclusive network, removing the need to switch between different apps. This network is accessible from a wide range of devices, meaning remote colleagues can stay connected regardless of their location.

Example Case

“Brosix gives us streamlined communication and a faster response time to clients and members.”
Pathways Financial Credit Union

Brosix was exactly what the team at Pathways Financial Credit Union needed to streamline their internal communication. Through the range of different collaborative features like instant chat messaging and screen sharing, the team was able to more quickly respond to customers, and more easily collaborate.

Choosing Brosix

With Brosix, you’ll find the right tool to drive your financial business forward. Our track record helping financial businesses improve their internal communication and collaboration means that you’ll be making a safe choice with Brosix!

Furthermore, given the high security standards and the fact that Brosix does not manipulate, change or process any data passed over your private team network, financial institutions subject to security standards such as SAS-70 or SSAE 18 will easily meet these regulations by using Brosix.

Let Brosix help you grow your financial business! Contact us now to discuss your own private team network!

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