Secure Chatting Rooms for Team Collaboration

Group chat for everyone!

One of the benefits of using an IM Network is the ability to facilitate group communication at a distance. At times, you may want to create a dedicated space for a specific topic with a specific group of people. With the Chat Rooms Feature you can do just that, creating a long-lasting discussion space for a specific group of friends or colleagues. This allows you to have recurring group communication on your IM Network.

Brosix’s Chat Room Feature allows you to create long-lasting group communication channels for a set group of users on the Brosix IM Network.

Brosix Chat Room

Chat Room Highlights:

Brosix Chat Rooms have a wide range of functionality and features, including:

  • Permanent chat rooms for ongoing collaboration that are quick to set up
  • The ability to easily add and remove participants as necessary
  • Easy accessibility of all chat rooms through your contact list
  • Chat history for your chat rooms
  • Message notifications for all users who are currently logged off of the Brosix Network the next time they log on
  • Accessing a range of other Brosix collaboration features through the chat room

Creating a Chat Room:

You can set up a Chat Room with a few simple steps.

  • Select the chat room icon (create chat room) in your contact list or in an active chat. You can also select the “Create chat room” option in the actions menu.
  • From the “Create Chat Room” window, you can name the chat room and add members to the “participants list.”
  • Click the “Create” button to launch your chat room and begin chatting!

Managing a Chat Room:

  • From the chat room window you can add participants by clicking on the “Add people to this chat room” button: add people to chat room
  • Add or remove participants from the “Invite people to Chat Room” window.

Exiting a Chat Room:

  • Click on the small “Leave Room” icon located in the upper right corner of the chat room window.
  • Please note that in order to rejoin the chat room an active participant will need to add you.


You can find more detailed information on setting up a Chat Room here. All your chat rooms are conveniently shown in your Contacts List for easy access. Messages sent in a chat room are immediately delivered to online users, and users who are offline will receive the messages the next time they log on.

Create your group communication channels now!