Install Brosix in a Corporate Environment

Brosix is designed to work for different corporate IT setups. The Brosix setup package for Windows has special options for corporate use.

Brosix Advanced Setup – for cases when several people share one Windows computer. Brosix Network Install – for teams or groups who start Brosix on the same shared network.

Brosix Advanced Setup

The default Brosix setup installs Brosix in the user’s Windows home folder. This is done to allow installation for users without administrator rights on their Windows devices.


However, in a corporate environment it is common practice for several users to share a Windows device.

For example, Windows in Citrix, Windows via Remote Desktop Connection or Windows Terminal Services. In these cases it is preferable to install Brosix in one common place where all the Windows users can access it. This can be done through Brosix Advanced Setup.

Brosix Advanced Setup runs in administrator mode on the Windows device, and installs Brosix in “Program Files”. During the installation you have the option to change the installation folder.

Windows user accounts can have limited access rights. They will still be able to use the common Brosix installation, but will not be able to update this installation when a new Brosix version becomes available. To allow automatic updates, Brosix Advanced Setup installs a special service that will update Brosix when a new version is available, even if all users have limited access rights.

This eliminates the need for system administration for Brosix in a corporate environment.

You can find detailed instructions here


Brosix Network Install


Brosix Network Setup is intended for teams or groups that place Brosix on a network share, and all users activate the program from there. Each user configuration and all data will be stored on the user’s local computer.

The network share should have “Read-Only” visibility in the network.

This makes it simple for the system administrator to update the Brosix corporate messenger software when a new version is available, and keeps all user data secure.

You can find detailed instructions here

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