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Businesses in the IT sector thrive on connectedness and flexibility. Whether it’s easily connecting to customers for top notch support, or connections between colleagues for better remote collaboration, IT businesses need the tools to thrive in a dynamic market

Brosix can help IT businesses stay connected and collaborating efficiently regardless of their location through their own private team networks. Read on to discover the main benefits that Brosix can bring to your IT business, and hear firsthand from some of our satisfied IT sector customers.


The IT sector moves fast, and your company needs to keep up pace in order thrive. The speed of your team’s communication is key to a innovative and responsive business, but many IT businesses rely on multiple apps and tools for communication, leading to slower and less efficient collaboration. This can also affect the level of customer support they provide.

Another top challenge you certainly face is related to data security. Keeping your data protected can be difficult, particularly given the ever-increasing number of cybersecurity threats.

Perhaps you have full time employees working remotely, or take advantage of freelancers from around the world. This sector often takes advantage of talent from around the world, meaning that staying connected and collaborating with Remote Workers can often be a challenge as well.

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Brosix has helped a wide range of IT companies to improve their internal communication and collaboration, and secure their data.According to our clients, the following solutions have been the most impactful on their work.

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Efficient Collaboration and
Customer Support

Some of the best ideas are created through collaboration, making it key to your innovative IT business. Brosix can increase your team’s collaboration by providing them the right tools.

Easily demonstrate products with remote desktop, swap ideas with a virtual whiteboard, or securely transfer files with encrypted P2P file sharing. With Brosix, collaboration is simple and efficient. Best of all, all of these features come in one user friendly package, saving your team time.

Example Case

– “Screen sharing is awesome! Easy to start or stop, easy to use! Remote Screen control is doubly awesome! This alone makes Brosix a valuable tool for remote support of my Linux users!” Read The Full Case Study
Brosix can also help you efficiently support customers and end users. Quickly responding to customer inquiries is crucial for any business, none more so those in the IT field. Quicker response times and top notch collaboration tools like screensharing and remote desktop make Brosix the right choice for improving your support.

Example Case

– Magnitude Software, Inc. “Brosix is crucial for providing end user support without the need for telephone calls or full remote support software” Read The Full Case Study

Data Security

Fully encrypted communication channels, including P2P file sharing, make Brosix a perfect choice for IT businesses looking to increase their cybersecurity. All of your internal communication will remain private and protected through Brosix’s comprehensive security features.

Apart from data encryption, Brosix also protects your team from human error. The closed nature of your internal team network also means that there’s no danger of sending a file or message to someone outside of the organization, keeping sensitive information safe.

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All-in-one Package: Simple to Set-up, Easy to Maintain

Brosix can help your team achieve more efficient communication, and reduce the amount of time needed to administer your internal communication network.

Brosix’s simple setup process means that your initial roll out of your private network will be hassle free, and the wide range of intuitive Administrative Controls will help you easily maintain your network and tailor it to your needs.

Example Case

– Fortune3, Inc. “Brosix is easy to use and to install and set up. Since switching to Brosix, our support costs down by 8% and our programming costs have also decreased by 5%.” Read The Full Case Study

Flexible Work Environment

Whether working with multiple offices, remote workers or team members on business trips, flexibility is key to a successful business. IT businesses need quick access to their teams from any location.

With Brosix your team can access their team network from any location on multiple platforms and devices. This can keep your team efficiently communicating and collaborating regardless of whether they’re in the same office, or in different countries.

Example Case

– Refract Speech “Brosix allows us to do without a large office space or expensive aviation travel to get to meetings. If software like Brosix did not exist, our costs would rise exponentially.” Read The Full Case Study

Choosing Brosix

Brosix can help your team more efficiently collaborate regardless of their location, more easily support customers, and keep your data safe. The multiple collaboration features combined in one user friendly package means that implementation in your team will be simple.

Let Brosix help you grow your IT business! Contact us now to discuss your own private team network!

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Create Your own Private Team Network

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