Brand guidelines

BROSIX Corporate Identity Guidelines

Definition of Brosix LOGO

The BROSIX corporate logo is a representation of the company and its product to the world. It is a valuable corporate asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms.
Logo in its various formats is a separate package, available for download. The current document represents its use in different environments.

Usage & Variations


1. Standard logo

logo_standard-1        logo_standart-2


2. Alternative logo

logo_alternative-1        logo_alternative-2


3.Standard logo 3D

logo_original_no_tag        logo_original_tag


4.Standard logo 2D

logo_2D_no_tag        logo_2D_tag


5. Mono color logo – for light and dark background

logo_3        logo_4



Using only the B sign without the name BROSIX and the tag line

logo_b_alternative        logo_b_standard        logo_original        logo_1        logo_b_light_bg        logo brosix

The B sign in a proportional circle is used in cases with limited space as web, mobile or desktop application icons.

Typography: Corporate typefaces

The BROSIX logo and its attachments are using specific font: Font name: Bank Gothic Md BT, TrueType Outlines

For specific usage and variations, please Download Full Media kit Packagedownload_orange