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Businesses in the healthcare industry have a serious responsibility- to provide care and support to people in what are often trying situations. Providing customers the best quality healthcare service is a team effort and takes efficient team communication and collaboration.

The sensitive nature of this industry means that data security is also a top priority, as each healthcare business has a duty to protect its clients’ personal information. Creating a secure, user friendly and efficient internal communication environment is thus a top priority for everyone healthcare business.

Below you will find information on some of the main challenges Brosix’s many customers in the healthcare industry have faces, and how Brosix has helped them address these challenges in order to improve their team communication.


The healthcare industry is dynamic, and your team needs efficient team communication that can keep pace. Relying on inefficient communication through email, for example, can significantly slow down work processes in your team.

Hand in hand with efficient communication is how easy it is for your team to use their internal communication network, and whether it comes in an all-in-one package. Quite often healthcare businesses rely on different programs for different needs, leading to wasted time.

An ever-increasing amount of healthcare businesses are relying on remote workers for at least some of their work processes. This means that likely you face the challenge of keeping colleagues connected and providing them a flexible communication environment.

Internal communication can be a serious risk point for cybersecurity threats. With the large amount of sensitive customer data handled by healthcare businesses, your business likely faces challenges around data security and secure communication.

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Brosix has already helped a wide range of healthcare businesses improve their internal communication.
Read more to discover what solutions they say have been the most useful for their teams.

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Efficient Communication

Staying connected is crucial to the success of your healthcare business. Brosix can help your team easily and efficiently communicate with features such as instant text, audio and video messaging, screensharing, screenshots, and much more.

These features will allow your team members to instantly send and receive information, reach out for quick consultations and easily collaborate on projects.

Example Case

– Institute for Safety and Health Management “Instant messaging cuts down on the email traffic between us. Sometimes you just have a quick question that requires a quick response…Brosix is perfect for this reason” Read The Full Case Study

All-in-one Package

With Brosix, your team will receive a secure internal communication network that comes with a full range of collaboration features. All of these features are included in one user-friendly package, saving your team members time.

These collaboration features are peer to peer and fully encrypted, meaning your team members can collaborate in complete security. From file transfer, screenshot and screensharing, to co-browsing, virtual whiteboard and chat rooms, Brosix has all of the features your team will need.

Example Case

– Polaris Danforth “We were led to Brosix when we were looking to find a chat client that did not have spam or viruses. We find screenshots, file transfers most useful. We send files to each other and can share our screens quickly.” Read The Full Case Study

Flexible Work Environment

The Healthcare Industry is changing quickly, with an ever more dispersed workforce. Many of Brosix’s clients work with remote employees or employees who often travel for work, meaning staying connected is crucial.

Brosix can help keep your team connected from anywhere at any time. With a Brosix private internal network your team members will be able to log on from a wide range of devices and operating systems from any location with an internet connection.

Example Case

– Unetixs Vascular Incorporated “Brosix helps us communicate and work with our outside reps and makes it feel like we are all in the office” Read The Full Case Study

Data Security

Security is key, especially in the healthcare industry. Brosix can help keep your data secure through a wide range of security measures- end to end encryption of all communication channels, secure servers, and much more.

Beyond general security measures, for those working in the US healthcare industry, Brosix easily meets HIPAA compliance requirements. Brosix will provide your healthcare business a dedicated agreement which describes how Brosix’s data security standards meet the HIPAA regulations for data protection, meaning your internal communication will be fully compliant with HIPAA.

Example Case

– Solara Medical Supplies “Brosix gives us HIPAA security protection and encryption. We tried another team communication solution, but didn’t like their customer support.” Read The Full Case Study

Choosing Brosix

Brosix can help your team more efficiently collaborate regardless of their location, more easily support customers, and keep your data safe. The multiple collaboration features combined in one user friendly package means that implementation in your team will be simple.

Let Brosix help you grow your IT business! Contact us now to discuss your own private team network!

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