Virtual Whiteboard Drawing Feature

Draw your ideas!

Whiteboard is a great tool that Brosix offers as part of the package. It allows you to share pictures and drawings in real time on an MS-paint like application window.

The users that share a Whiteboard session could be a thousand miles away, and they can still draw shapes, diagrams and pictures together.

Whiteboard aims to help you express your ideas in drawing. It allows you to visualize and collaborate with someone in real time.

Brosix Virtual Whiteboard

Whether you are developing a flow chart for your organization, or stressing the importance of the goals ahead, Whiteboard can be incredibly useful.

Used together with the other Brosix tools, Whiteboard is a very effective method for presentations.

Starting a whiteboard session

  • Select a name from your contact list.
  • Click on the “Whiteboard” icon on the right side: Whiteboard

The following tools are available:

  • Paint
  • Draw a Rectangle
  • Draw a Circle
  • Draw a Line
  • Insert a Picture
  • Fill an Area
  • Pointer
  • Text Caption
  • Erase