Virus & Malware Checking Tool

Full integration of your preferred anti-virus software

Safe computing has become an ever more important subject in recent years. With increasing concerns over malware and computer viruses, your IM Network safety is a top priority.

The Anti-Virus Feature allows Brosix to scan any files you receive for malware employing the anti-virus software installed on your computer. Brosix automatically recognizes and uses the anti-virus software installed on your PC, and integrates it into the Instant Messaging application. This gives you the freedom to easily rely on your preferred software without having to take extra installation steps.

Anti Virus - Brosix

Integrated security for sending and receiving files

When coupled with the unlimited sized and encrypted Peer-to-Peer File Transfer Feature, the Anti-Virus Check provides a complete security package for your sent and received files. This provides you with the sense of security needed to use your IM network to its fullest potential, and helps you to avoid any potential threats to your network. You can now communicate, share and collaborate on your IM Network without risk!

Set-up your anti-virus check in a few steps

Setting up the Anti-Virus Check is a straightforward process. By default, this feature is disabled for new users and you can activate it from the Brosix menu with the following simple steps:

  • Enter the Brosix menu
  • From the menu, select the “Settings” option
  • In the “Settings” tab click on the “Plugins” option
  • Double click on the “File Transfer plugin” to activate the automatic recognition process

Your PC’s anti-virus software will now be synchronized to the Brosix Messenger System!

Integrate your preferred security into your IM Network now!