Benefit from Multiple Administrators on Your Network

Administering your network allows you to make the most out of it and create a communication experience that meets your team’s needs. Your Brosix private team network comes with multiple administrative features. Setting user permissions, controlling features, and setting contact lists and groups are just a few of the features that can help make your team’s communication more efficient.

Multiple Administrators 1

Share Administrative Responsibilities

Administering a communication network can be a big job, especially for larger teams. With Brosix you can easily share the responsibility among several team members. The Multiple Administrators feature allows you to spread administrative permissions to more than one user in order to help with more efficient network administration.

More Efficient Network Administration

For some networks, the administrator role can be a challenge for one person alone. Alternatively, you could simply want to allow more than one colleague to administrator your team’s network for efficiency’s sake.

On Brosix you can set multiple network administrators, granting access to the Web Control Panel and full administrative privileges to more than one person. Through the settings in the Web Control Panel you can add and remove administrators and determine their level of permissions, among other administrative features.

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