Directory Synchronization Tool

Synchronize user accounts between your Active Directory and your Brosix network with the Directory Synchronization Tool.

Synchronize User Accounts Across Directories

Brosix helps you easily synchronize user accounts in your active directory. The Brosix LDAP Sync feature provides a tool that you can run on a computer in your team network in order to synchronize user accounts in your Active Directory with user accounts in Brosix. This allows you to sync all of your Brosix data for easier access and tracking.

Active Directory Sync 1

Invite Groups of Users to Join Your Network at Once

With the Brosix LDAP Sync feature you can easily add groups of users from your active directory to your Brosix network. Once your new users are added, the tool automatically creates a password for each account, and sends an email to all new users with their account information. Users can change the password at any time thereafter. Find more information on How to set up Active Directory Sync

You can download the tool here

Brosix LDAP Synchronization Tool

This tool gives internet access to your Brosix data, which could raise security concerns. In order to guarantee a high level of security, please perform the following steps prior to using the tool:

  • NET API is disabled by default. Please go to the Web Control Panel- Settings- Options tab to enable it. The Web Control Panel is available at
  • For security purposes, access to NET API is restricted to a limited number of IP addresses. Once you activate NET API, please specify the IP addresses that are allowed to use it.
  • Provide a “Secret key” in order to authorize access to your NET API.

Once the NET API is enabled and configured the process of syncing is very easy. The sync tool can be used in two modes:

  • Standard – opens a GUI wizard that guides you through the steps.
  • Command line – all the options are available in command line mode. You can set up a Scheduled Task and synchronize your Active Directory with Brosix every day.

NOTE: For security reasons the Brosix Active Directory Sync tool does not export user passwords. This means that your users’ passwords for their Active Directory accounts are secure. This also means that your user accounts on Brosix will have different passwords.

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