Brosix Messenger Pricing

Brosix Instant Messenger Pricing for Business

Brosix offers extremely affordable flat-fee pricing for our enterprise instant messaging version, which depends on the number of users in your Instant Messaging network. Our messaging apps have end-to-end encryption for secure instant messaging. There is no setup fee and we offer these affordable plans:


$ 0.99 / per user month

  • For small teams that need basic features over secured and encrypted channels.
  • Full control over user accounts
  • Secured and encrypted channels
  • Text chat

$ 2.10/ per user per month

  • For teams that want to optimize their work process by using collaboration features.
  • Basic plan +
  • File transfer, Screenshot, Screen Sharing,
  • Audio and Video calls, Co-browsing,
  • Whiteboard and more


Discounts apply!

$ 2.99 / per user per month

  • For companies and enterprises that want a whole package with a lot of features.
  • Pro plan +
  • Broadcast message, Web guests,
  • Connect to external networks,
  • More integrations, More control options



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How to Order Brosix’s Instant Messaging Plans

  1. Register for a free IM network. Registration is free, does not require credit card or payment and you can use your free IM network to test the service for 30 days with all the features activated.
  2. Create user accounts within the network.
  3. When you decide to continue using the service, go to the Licenses tab in your Web Control Panel.
  4. Enter the required number of user accounts and then choose the billing plan.
  5. Complete the order and your IM network will be extended instantly.


Renewal, Cancellation, Upgrade and Downgrade policy

The messaging service subscription fees are prepaid for the entire billing cycle.
You can upgrade your team chat plan at any time by ordering more user licenses from the web control panel. You can downgrade at any time from the web control panel by cancelling active licenses.

If you decide to stop using our private instant messaging services, you can do it instantly from your web control panel.



If you do not have your own network yet, get a Brosix 30 day free instant messaging trial with no obligations and no charges.
If you already have a network, go to the Web Control Panel and order licenses.



Brosix is free for Personal use and you can download it from here download_orange