Notifications API

Valuable time each day is squandered on tedious tasks and repetitive communication. Sending reminders, notifying employees and teammates, and organizing information flows all chip away at productivity.

Brosix enables you to connect your Team Network to external software applications, unlocking countless integration options and even more possibilities to maximize team communication.

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Make menial tasks a thing of the past

With Notifications API you can integrate the Brosix platform with any compatible service and automatically receive notifications from the convenience of your Team Network.

Automating repetitive information flows helps you eliminate the inefficiency from your work routine, so you can focus on productive team communication and collaboration.

  • Receive automatic reminders from a Calendar app inside the Brosix application
  • Integrate with cloud storage providers and get notifications when a document or version is uploaded or updated
  • Connect to task managers and receive notifications when tasks are assigned
  • Have messages sent directly to a team’s chat room to inform them of a new lead or customer service request

That’s all possible, not to mention much, much more!

Connect to thousands of other apps and services

Brosix’s availability on automation software tools Zapier and Integrately means you can connect your Team Network to thousands of apps and services.

With Zapier and Integrately, you can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Set up new automations in minutes with no coding. Take advantage of tons of pre-made integrations or custom-build your own.

Receive notifications from 3,000+ different tools across your preferred devices and platforms.

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Apply the Brosix-level of control

As with each Brosix Team Network, you retain full control over Notifications API.

You manage the applications and services with which you integrate the Brosix platform. You decide which of your team members receive what notifications and messages.

Receive notifications and messages across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web platforms.

Try out the Brosix IM features today!

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