Regardless of which types of insurance business works with, providing the best service to clients is paramount. Connecting clients with the right products to meet their needs is a team effort, requiring efficient internal team communication and collaboration.

Brosix has already helped numerous insurance companies improve their internal team communication by addressing some of the biggest challenges they face in this area. Read on to discover how Brosix can support you and your team as well!

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Creating the right communication environment can be a challenge, particularly if your insurance company is large with multiple teams and departments. Ensuring that the right employees and teams are communicating with each other isn’t an easy process, and if not done correctly, can lead to situations of miscommunication and distraction.

Given the customer-centered nature of the industry, your insurance company certainly strives to provide the best customer support possible. This process takes a team effort, in which all of the relevant team members have the possibility for efficient and instant collaboration on customer solutions.

Businesses in the insurance industry are also increasingly flexible, with more reliance on remote employees, business travel, etc. Keeping your team members connected remotely or on the go is a challenge, particularly if relying on inefficient communication tools such as email.


At its core, Brosix provides private and secure internal communication networks that allow teams to stay connected and collaborate efficiently.
Whether you’re a large multi-department company, a small dispersed team, or anything in between, Brosix can help solve your unique communication

Administrative Controls

Brosix can help you keep the right employees connected and communicating in your insurance company. With Brosix’s Administrative Controls, you can control users’ contact lists, guaranteeing that they’re communicating with the right people, and group users in teams and departments. In this way, the right colleagues can stay in touch, without unnecessary distractions.

Brosix can also help you keep clear communication records, a huge benefit for any business in the insurance sector. With Brosix’s User Activity Archive feature you’ll always be able to recall internal communication, for example previous agreements between colleagues or requests for help.

Preferred Insurance Group

Example Case

– Preferred Insurance Group

“We needed a chat solution that would work inside Terminal Services, was stable, and could keep chat logs that at Admin could access. [Brosix] has enabled us to locate a specific record when another employee is off and their chat was vital.”

Brosix helped the team at Preferred Insurance Group better structure their internal communication, so that vital information was never lost. With their Brosix network, the team can easily recall important communication between colleagues, and thus better serve their clients.

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Instant Collaboration

Providing top-notch customer support in the insurance industry is all about quick and efficient communication. Whether it’s reaching out to colleagues in another team for a quick consultation, or seeking out information for a customer question, communication between team members is key.

Brosix can provide your team with the tools to instantly get in touch and stay in touch. With a Brosix private internal network, team members in your business will have all of the features they need to creatively collaborate on serving your clients, such as instant chat or video messaging for quick consultations, secure P2P file transfers for quickly sharing information, and much more!

Integrated Claims Logo

Example Case

– Integrated Claims Services, Ltd.

“Brosix IM is better for communicating- faster than email.”

Brosix was able to help the team at Integrated Claims Services, Ltd. stay connected and serving their clients, wherever they are located. Relying on email communication wasn’t cutting it, leading to slow and inefficient communication. Brosix was able to provide the tools for secure and efficient communication in service of the team’s clients.

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Flexible Work Environment

Given the nature of the industry, your insurance company most likely works with remote employees for at least some of your work processes. With Brosix, you can provide your team, regardless of their location, with the tools to stay in touch and efficiently collaborating.

Best yet, Brosix can save you money by both eliminating the need for expensive phone calls while on the go, and saving your team time lost on inefficient and slow email communication.


Example Case

– Parsons & Associates, Inc.

“Whether (our employees) are 300 miles away or 10 ft., they can get in touch quickly and easily. Email quantities are exploding and to get a quick answer an IM solution is much better”

With Brosix, the team at Parsons & Associates found the right tool to coordinate a widely dispersed team. Whether they’re remotely or office based, the team members at Parsons can easily and efficiently stay in touch with their Brosix private internal network.

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Choosing Brosix

Brosix can help keep your insurance company connected and efficiently collaborating, in order to best serve your clients. Administrative controls allow you to tailor your team network to best meet your needs. Try out Brosix now for free in order to experience the benefits firsthand!

Let Brosix help you grow your insurance company! Contact us now to discuss your own private team network!

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