Control Account Changes

Maintaining high security standards is a top priority at Brosix. That’s why the Account Changes Control feature allows you to determine security standards that work best for your team.

Control Account Changes 1

Security Standards that Work for Your Team

Brosix gives you the flexibility to administer your private team network in a way that you determine best for your team. You can control whether users are allowed to change their passwords or disable this feature for a specific user.

Set Profile Changes for Your Entire Network

The Network Administrator can easily regulate a user’s profile changes – First name, Last name, Email, Phone, etc. or grant users the ability to edit their profiles.

Set Login Control

You can set access to Brosix mobile, desktop or web applications. You can enable all of them or limit the login from multiple devices.

All of these features are available to the network administrator on the Web Control Panel. Simply locate the user profile you want to change and select the Control menu.

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