Brosix Instant Messenger Features

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Brosix Application Features

Text messaging, Chat rooms, Offline Messaging
Simple, easy, and efficient! With Brosix, you can send text messages to your contacts fast, securely and easily.
Broadcast Message, Unlimites Size file transfer
Send messages or announcements to all your contacts at once or share large size files with peer to peer technology.

Voice chat, Video chat, Chat History
Talking is easier! Talking is a much easier way to communicate than sending instant messages or emails.

Co -browsing, Whiteboard, Screenshot
Show me what you see! Draw your ideas! Whiteboard is a great tool that Brosix offers as part of the package.

Screen sharing, Automatic updates, User status, Spell check
You and your party can browse web sites together by sharing the same view of the screen.

Multi protocol, Anti virus check, Tabbed chat
Connect with external IM networks.Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN, Facebook, Google Talk and others.

Brosix Enterprise Features

Features Control, Manage Contact Lists, Activity Log
To control your own instant messaging network is one of the most successful methods for optimizing the work process.
Welcome module and Custom logo
Make all users see your company latest news or important announcements branded with your corporate identity.

Private networks and Import/Export of users
Create your own closed network and manage participants.

Corporate Install and Support
In a corporate environment it is a common practice several users to share a computer.

Active Directory Sync and Web Guests/ Live chat
Synchronize user accounts, Live chat support for customer service.

Archiving solutions
To better organize and your documents – files, e-mails, chat history

VoIP Softphone solution with voice, video and instant messaging features
All your communication in a single package, encrypted communication on your own device