Brosix Instant Messenger Features

Application Chat Features

Brosix is an enterprise instant messaging solution designed to provide real-time business collaboration . To controll and administrate a private messaging network Brosix Application users need access to Enterprise Version, which offers more personalized options.


Messaging features

    •  Text chat

With Brosix, you can send text messages to your contacts. It’s fast, secure, and easy. Best yet, all messages are encrypted.

    •  Offline Messagess

Your message will be delivered when the recipient appears to be online. The security level remains encrypted.

    •  Chat history

Browse chat history for easier organization of the information workflow. No need to track records of previous conversations.  

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Group chat messaging features

    • Chat rooms

Chat rooms are a productive tool for holding real time conversations with other members in your network.

    • Broadcast message

Broadcasting message is the feature, which facilitates users to send announcements to the whole list of contacts.

    • User status visibility

Mark your availability with showing your status, which is the right way to alert your contacts weather to reach you or not.

    • Tabbed chat

Tabbed chats feature allows multi chat combinations for effective use of screen space and faster chatting.

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Data Transfer Features

    • Unlimited size file transfer

Brosix allows users to exchange unlimited size files. The application automatically compresses files and starts a P2P transfer.

    • Co-browsing

Browse together with your co-workers, keep interactive discussions and keep paralel productivity every time you need to share browsing.

    • Screenshot

Sending a screenshot is fast and interactive option to share a momentum picture of your work or browsing history with co-workers.

    • Screen – sharing

Screensharing is the perfect solution for remote work, for quick vizualization of your accomplishment, for fast explanation.

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Conference Chat Features

    • Voice chat

Voice chat makes communication easier, faster and more personalized. Sometimes, a quick call is all it takes!

    • Video chat

Video chat adds even more personal touch to the communication flow. The video chat is a perfect substitute to a live meeting.

    • Whiteboard

Whiteboard is an interactive messaging feature, which allows users to visualize ideas and graphic concepts during conversation.

    • Multiprotocol

Multiprotocol is an extended feature, which allows users to connect with external messaging networks and collaborate effectively.

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Supplementary Messaging Features

    • Compatibility

Brosix Instant Messenger is available for multiple platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web Client.

    • Antivirus

Brosix Instant Messenger will scan the data received using the anti virus software, installed on your device. This makes date transfer secure.

    • Spell check

Real time monitoring for typos incorporated in the chat window. Brosix spell check feature is available for the most popular languages.

    • Updates

Brosix Instant Messenger will be automatically updated with each new version released. The application is constantly upgraded with new features.

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