Import or Export Users in Your Team

Brosix makes adding users to your network in bulk a cinch with the Import-Export Users feature.

Adding users to your team network can be a time-consuming process for any network administrator. However, Brosix Enterprise is full of features to optimize your network administrator’s work.

In the Brosix Web Control Panel you can easily do bulk import of user accounts into their team networks with a click of the mouse, reducing the amount of time spent on otherwise time-intensive activity. Instead of manually creating hundreds of individual accounts you can import an unlimited number to your team network..

Import - Export Team Users

Easily share network user contact information

On Brosix Enterprise your team administrator has the ability to export contact lists with basic user information (username, first name, last name and email). This allows you to share contact information within your company in order to, for example, put a newly formed project team in touch with each other. This feature reduces the amount of time manually passing on user information within your team network.

Importing and exporting contacts has never been easier

The Brosix Web Control Panel allows you to import and export contacts with ease. Once you are in the panel simply select the button “Users” and then either the option “import user accounts…” or “export your user accounts.” Several clicks of the button replace hours of manual work.

Once your user accounts are created you can take advantage of the other features available in Brosix Enterprise to group them, create and share contact lists, and customize their ability to communicate with other users in your team network.

Find out how to streamline your team network administrator’s work now!