Broadcast Messaging

We at Brosix know that when it comes to effective internal communication, sometimes you need the ability to send important information to a large group of people at once. Whether it’s a critical team update, information about an upcoming event, or the latest news, reaching out to a group of people simultaneously can be the most efficient way to communicate in certain instances. In this case it’s critical how such group messages are treated – as an important announcement or as spam.

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The Broadcast Message feature allows you to send a message to a large group of users at once, all of which are handpicked from your contact list. Recipients receive the message in a new window, which is recorded in the local chat and server history. This message window doesn’t give users the chance to respond, ensuring that the message is immediately delivered to your contacts while eliminating unwanted replies.

Share Important News and Information

One of the most common ways to share important information in a team involves sending group email. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee that the recipients will open and read the email in a timely fashion, and risks critical updates landing in spam folders. With Broadcast Message you can ensure that users immediately receive important news or information as an instant message.

Notify Groups about Upcoming Events

Sharing information about team events is a straightforward process with Broadcast Message. Whether it’s a surprise birthday celebration, an upcoming meeting, or an important guest coming by the office, this feature guarantees that the relevant recipients are immediately updated.

Control Who Can Use the Feature

In order to ensure that the Broadcast Message feature isn’t overused, your network administrator can determine which users have the ability to send messages with this feature. This helps you to make sure that only the most important information is being sent across your network.

How to Send a Message with Broadcast Message

You can use Broadcast Message to send a message to an entire preset group on your network, or to a customized group.

  1. In order to send a message to a preset group, select a group in your contact list and press the Broadcast plugin button.
  2. In order to send a message to a custom group, press the Broadcast plugin button in your contact list and select the message recipients when prompted.

Please refer to the Brosix Help Library for more detailed instructions on how to send a Broadcast message.

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